2020 Panini Certified Football Hobby Box

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10 packs per box. 5 cards per pack

- 1 Freshman Fabric Signature
- 1 Additional Autograph
- 2 Memorabilia Cards
- 2 Rookies Or Rookie Parallels
- 3 Numbered Parallels


- Back for 2020, Certified Football returns with more incredible hits and great patches, Look for 4 Autographs and Memorabilia cards per box, on average.
- Chase Rookie Patch Autographs of the top rookies from the deep 2020 NFL Draft Class with Freshman Fabric Signatures. Featuring jumbo swatches, Freshman Fabric Signatures is a staple for the hobby.
- New for 2020, hunt for new inserts Scoring Machines, Majestic Rookies, Majestic Stars and Stat Smashers.
- Chase some of the best veterans in the game with Fabric of the Game Signatures, featuring oversized patches in a newly designed patch autograph card.
- Look for one Freshman Fabric Signature in every box!


- Mirror #’d/450
- Mirror Orange #’d/199
- Mirror Blue #’d/75
- Mirror Teal #’d/50
- Mirror Gold #’d/25
- Mirror Purple #’d/10
- Mirror Green #’d/5
- Mirror Black One-of-One

- Rookies Mirror #’d/299
- Rookies Mirror Orange #’d/199
- Rookies Mirror Red #’d/99
- Rookies Mirror Teal #’d/50
- Rookies Mirror Gold #’d/25
- Rookies Mirror Purple #’d/10
- Rookies Mirror Green #’d/5
- Rookies Mirror Black One-of-One

Look for one Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures per box, on average with team logos, nameplates, and one-of-one NFL shields from the 2020 Rookie Class.
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Max #’d/499
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Orange Max #’d/299
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Red Max #’d/199
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Blue Max #’d/99
- Freshamn Fabric Mirror Signatures Teal Max #’d/50
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Gold #’d/25
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Purple #’d/10
- Freshman Fabric Mirror Signatures Black One-of-One

Chase veteran, oversized-patch autograph cards in Fabric of the Game Signatures. With a new design in 2020, Fabric of the Game Signatures looks to be an exciting chase for all collectors.
- Fabric of the Game Signatures Max #’d/149
- Fabric of the Game Signatures Prime Max #’d/50
- Fabric of the Game Signatures Super Prime One-of-One

A brand new set for 2020, Lasting Impressions highlights the players that have left their mark on the NFL. Look for numerous colored parallels to chase.
- Lasting Impressions Max #’d/149
- Lasting Impressions Teal Max #’d/ 50
- Lasting Impressions Gold Max #’d/25
- Lasting Impressions Purple Max #’d/10
- Lasting Impressions Green #’d/5
- Lasting Impressions Black One-of-One

With a deep 100-card checklist, this autograph set will have a player to collect for everyone!
- Mirror Signatures Max #’d/199
- Mirror Signatures Red Max #’d/99
- Mirror Signatures Blue Max #’d/75
- Mirror Signatures Teal Max #’d/50
- Mirror Signatures Gold Max #’d/25
- Mirror Signatures Purple Max #’d/10
- Mirror Signatures Green Max #’d/5
- Mirror Signatures Black One-of-One

Brand New for Certified, 2020 brings a new look to cards, showcasing some of the very best players in the 2020 season.
- Certified 2020
- Certified 2020 Blue #’d/75
- Certified 2020 Teal #’d/50
- Certified 2020 Gold #’d/25
- Certified 2020 Purple #’d/10
- Certified 2020 Green #’d/ 5
- Certified 2020 Black One-of-One

Every year a New Generation of rookies fill out this oversized memorabilia card checklist. Look for prime, team logo, and laundry tag versions!
- New Generation Jersey Mirror
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Red Max #’d/199
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Blue Max #’d/99
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Teal #’d/50
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Gold #’d/25
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Purple #’d/10
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Green #’d/5
- New Generation Jersey Mirror Black One-of-One

A brand new SSP Insert for certified, Stat Smashers Looks to highlight the best to ever play the game and the records they broke on their way to greatness.